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Covestro idea.box

A creative tool for innovators to develop ideas which can turn into a rough business model. In the long run, the box should be available to every team that wants to work on a new business idea for the company. The aim is to make knowledge about an efficient path to innovation at Covestro uniformly and centrally available.

The box works like a game set.

The design, components and use are reminiscent of typical team games and thus create an informal setting that clearly distinguishes itself from everyday work. In order to develop the box in such a way that it offers maximum added value, a beta version was first created. Covestro employees were able to test it and give feedback. This feedback flowed into the development of the new and improved version. The idea.box itself was part of a development process.

Unbox and get started!

Well-marked action cards and posters lead through various game and task areas that encourage cooperation. It's about doing and getting started: everyone in the team can participate in the innovation process, work together open-minded on ideas, and thus fill the idea pipeline. Smaller iteration cards help you to check individual steps and learn more about your own business idea. In addition to pre-produced toy building blocks, the box is equipped with useful workshop materials. Therefore the idea.box creates a real result and delivers productive output.

Project details


Covestro Deutschland AG


Covestro Innovation Spaces and creative places


  • Ideation
  • Project coordination
  • Spatial graphic


  • 1 box
  • 1 manual
  • 3 notepads
  • 7 posters
  • 98 playing cards
  • 150 boxes
  • Workshop and presentation materials such as post-it, adhesive dots, pens

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