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Well-advised for the future.

Techniker Krankenkasse customer service

How will customer service work in the future? And what are the locations going to look like? For Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), dreiform develops modular concepts for customer consultations, consultation locations and local offices.

Places for communicating as equals that bring the new TK corporate design to a three-dimensional level and make it scalable for different types of locations. On the basis of in-depth process analyses, dreiform has completed space and module concepts as well as area planning for the realisation of the first pilot sites.

Design books for two target groups

The result of the detailed process analysis (e.g. in the form of workshops) are two design books, each of which contains the basics of functional processes, brand communication and spatial design as the basis for a Germany-wide roll-out.

The two manuals bundle the principles and the design language of the new brand image of TK for two target groups. In addition to the general Customer Consulting of the Future, the manual Campus Customer Consulting is dedicated to the target group of students.

Design books grey white with blue accent on grey ground
Design books for two different target groups.

Concept with a modular system

The design books illustrate the modular system, which works in the most diverse areas – representing the brand, improving customer dialogue and communication and optimising functional processes. The objective: a modular and flexible solution for consultation areas that is adaptable and scalable. The result: an additive system of different modules for dialogue, service and consulting.

This system approach makes it possible to implement an area concept that works for different locations with heterogeneous spatial conditions. The system allows for future changes and expansions in order to permanently ensure the individual implementation of optimal customer service in every location.

Project details


Techniker Krankenkasse


The Service Center in Berlin-Adlershof and two further locations in Hamburg are part of the pilot phase.



  • A modular and additive design principle
  • Three pilots (150–500 m²) as test for the roll-out
  • Approx. 200 branches planned for the roll-out
  • Photographer: Constantin Meyer

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