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Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt

"We are embarked."
Knowledge and attitude in poetic spaces.

Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt

Thoughts on spaces, content and poetry: „The present situation of the world appears unclear and confusing. Where we are heading is unclear, and any navigation is difficult. We are sitting in a strange ship on an unknown ocean with no „land in sight“. But designers should be the source of inspiration, the enchanting experts for designing our circumstances, because design is found where society has not yet arrived: design is attitude. Where do we stand? Can poetic spaces make a difference? “
Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt is a cultural scientist, journalist and exhibition designer who focuses on conception, exhibition and creative writing.

  1. U. J. Reinhardt’s career:

    – Studied Empirical Cultural Sciences, Design, Politics and German philology in Rome, Tübingen and Stuttgart

    – Lectureships and visiting professorships, among others at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, peer at the Visual Communication programme of the Berlin University of Fine Arts and at the German University in Cairo

    – Since 2005 professor for text and verbal communication of the Faculty of Design at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

    – Head of the edi – Exhibition Design Institute

    – Co-editor of avedition’s series of books on new exhibition design „ned“

    – He is currently working on numerous third-party and research projects on the history, theory and aesthetics of exhibition and on „creative writing“.

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