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Enhanced Reality.

Augmented + Virtual Reality

We love real spaces and real experiences! It is therefore all the better that you can explore, expand and supplement them today with augmented and virtual reality. We use AR and VR applications in a variety of different ways – as valuable aids for working and learning environments, for maintenance and construction tasks, or as walk-in visualisations of future topics and projects.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented reality (AR) applications add a superimposed layer to the perception of real objects and spaces. As a result, even more complex connections can be conveyed visually and interactively. From AR apps on tablets and smartphones, to the immersion of spatial displays.

  2. Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual Reality (VR) applications are firmly established in our design process. It enable our clients to move freely through virtual spaces, as an active part of a fully computer-generated scene and in real time, even though the future projects are still in the planning phase, including as a group!

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