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Our vision.

We support individuals and companies in transforming their know-how into a tangible experience. We also create intuitive, easy access to complex knowledge sources, innovative tools and spaces for working and learning of the future.

Know why & Know how.

Know why. Permanent beta

The transformation into an information and knowledge society affects us all.

To maintain a sustainable role in this process of change requires continuous reinvention. This is possible only by expanding knowledge and skills.

Know how. Prepared for new skills

We believe the key competencies of the future are creativity and a willingness to learn, as well as resilience and empathy. These enable us to develop a deep understanding of the opportunities and markets in which we, as strategic thinking and doing partners, accompany clients.

Our mission:

  1. creating knowledge experiences.

    "Knowledge is power". This insight by the English philosopher Francis Bacon over 400-years ago has not lost its significance even in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning. On the contrary, those who convey knowledge will play key roles within sustainable societies and in successful companies. With dreiform, we want to support people and companies in creating knowledge that can be experienced, and in particular to create new, intuitive and easy access to complex sources of knowledge.

    New variants and prototypes for visualising, mediating and networking information and knowledge are emerging in our projects which are being aided by the increasing breakdown of the boundaries between the real and the virtual worlds. Our "playground" for our day-to-day work is the phygital interface between physical experience and digital expansion. The physical space and its digital superposition fascinates us with its relevant, individual content and the opportunities to create experiences that are personal and multisensory for specific target groups.

    We use our own formats, such as Salon D, to provide a platform that is a spearhead, expert and author of relevant future topics, and to establish networks that extend far beyond the boundaries of day-to-day business.

It says: Data is the new oil. But data is worth little without knowledge or intelligent access for us humans.
Ralf Nähring