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From transformation and change
to strategy and opportunity.

Advanced Inspiration

Transformation is a challenge. To tackle it successfully requires changes in thinking, in structure, in technologies and in processes. dreiform supports you as a strategic partner and provider of ideas to help you to brainstorm and to visualise and communicate a vision of the future for your company.

Change then becomes one thing above all else: a multifaceted opportunity.

Change and Transformation.

Companies are facing a multitude of interrelated challenges such as global competition, skills shortages and, primarily, digitalisation. These challenges are radically shifting boundaries and setting new rules.

Transformation is bringing about fundamental changes in the economy and society. Imagine five years into the future. Do you have a clear picture of what products, markets, jobs and communications will be available then?

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Communicating the future.

In times of such exponential technological change, previous ways of thinking soon reach their limits. We are used to thinking linearly, in logical steps that build on one another. Digitalisation is accelerating development dynamics in many areas of technology. Linear has long since become exponential.

We help visualise the future for companies, for innovations, processes and workplaces. We develop communications that inspire and enable identification. Initiating change. Shaping the future.

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Out of the box.

We give businesses the impetus they need for action. From a project's outset we provide our experience in innovation, new work and communicating knowledge.

In inspiration workshops with clients, we develop a fundamental understanding of client perspectives. We formulate core strategies and initial ideas for communications to enable a clear vision to emerge. As inspiration and the initiator for change.

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Taking the wider perspective

This is our routine work – continually looking into new areas, engaging with future topics and identifying experts. We acquire knowledge and apply it. We see our organisation as a lab for new work, where we gain experience and knowledge which can then be incorporated into projects.

With Salon D, we have also established our own platform for new perspectives. We give impetus while also being a host, providing customers and partners with future-based topics. We also give specialists from design, business and science a platform for inspiration and the easy sharing of ideas.

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Working Fields

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