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Life means change. And dreiform too transforms again and again: "permanent beta" is the shorthand for our self-image as a learning company.

“D” stands for the procedure – disrupt, discuss, define and do – and LAB for the environment where this process becomes visible. Trying things out together. And learning from mistakes.

Phygital Pioneers.

  1. Try.Error.Try.Yeees!

    Since the disappearance of the boundaries between the real and the virtual world is increasing, new projects and prototypes for the visualization, mediation and networking of information and knowledge emerge in our projects.

    Our D.LAB is the dreiform experimental field, where we test which technologies can generate a meaningful additional value for applications and users. Therefore, we research, try, develop and reject ideas and prototypes until it is functional, makes sense, and can be applied in the projects.

  2. ShyTech

    We are fascinated by the qualities of physical spaces and their digital overlay with relevant and individual contents as well as the possibility to create a personal and multisensory experience for specific target groups.

    Our Approach: The media usage must not demand our attention superficially, loudly or aggressively. The goal is to use "quiet, reserved technology" that is present and administrable at the right time.

  3. Natural User Interfaces

    Our "playground" in our daily work is the phygital interface between physical experience and digital expansion.

    Our attitude: Technology should adapt to human needs, not our technical sense.

    We believe that more natural accesse to digital resources is possible and will develope new interaction principles and approaches. "Sensible" aligned to our human senses and possibilities.