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dreiform invites you to their Salon D.

What happens if design meets science, economics or art?
If you’ll pardon our saying so, we don’t know the answer to any of those questions, either. We know what we want, though – to give the dialogue on design a boost and provide a platform for questions including the ones above.

Welcome to Salon D.

A salon in the true sense of the word.

Beginning in 2014, we have been bringing different people and disciplines together. Futurologists will encounter tomorrow’s classics of design, design will meet science, experience will meet curiosity, start-up will meet corporation, while discussing a selected topic we find fascinating.

Our goal is to bring people together in thought and debate on design, always with a view to future topics that are relevant across disciplines. Those of us from dreiform will act as host and get the ball rolling in different activities. We will take care of the space, ambience and food and drink – no more, no less.

What will be happening?

Every participant will be given time for presenting an idea, invention or position on a particular topic. Other participants and guests can then exchange thoughts in the discussion which follows.

We hope these discussions will be lively and critical while remaining civil! For this reason, you won’t be given a script to present your issue, but will have an impartial host as a moderator.

The nice thing is that the head is opened again. That's what you experience here.
Sabine Marinescu
(PLOT Magazine)

Overview of all Salons

After the salon is before the salon. Be there!