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Salon D#1
Gutes Morgen!
Eine Premiere.

Salon D#1 Good Morning

Doing what needs doing. Life in the here and now: all of that is fair enough – but what about looking a bit further ahead than „now“? Not just taking „what can be done now“ as the only guideline for acting, but positively influencing society and the environment with one’s own ideas?

Certain designers, developers and inventors, as well as other innovators, are working today to ensure our future is a positive one. What ideas, opinions and developments do they have in store for us? We’ll find out at Salon D – we wish everyone who attends our very first issue and premiere a positive future "Gutes Morgen".




In Focus

Shaping the future


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Trend research
  • Material innovation
  • Decelerator Helmet
  • Sustainable product development
  • Energetic technologies
  • Innovation pressure


Jörg Zimmermann

Our Panelists

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