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We are dreiform.

The team is the heart of dreiform. The cohesion between us is our strength. We are multidisciplinary. Multifaceted and imaginative. We design and implement. Real and digital spaces. We think laterally but are single-minded in achieving our goal of clarity. It's where the strength and all our know-how resides.

With passion. With curiosity. Preferably as a team.


  1. Passionate

    We are not typical consultants. We want action. Not just talk. Not just advise. But action. Preferably by ourselves.

  2. Sincere

    We don't just function, working our way through a programme. We take a critical approach. Sometimes uncomfortably so, but always with sincerity towards customers, partners and employees.

  3. Empathetic

    We understand clients and their identities. We can then communicate their stories, transforming them into tangible experiences.

  4. Deep

    We delve deeply into a space. We don't "decorate" spaces. Our projects function on many levels. We accumulate information on which we build our work. We create surfaces with depth.

  5. Responsibility

    We are socially and ecologically responsible and consider social issues in our corporate decision making. We remain environmentally aware, both in projects and in internal issues.

Team Action