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Photo Employee

Senior Designer. Wine lover. Beekeeper.

Selina Meurer

I see myself as a translator, not from one language into another, but from the content into something visual.
Selina Meurer

"O-Ton" Selina

  1. What should anyone know about you?

    I have an almost amorous relationship to letter details.

  2. And what exactly do you do at dreiform?

    With the right colours and shapes, the right words and the right visual signs, I manage to guide, inform and orient other people. And all this with fun.

  3. Which request would you be looking forward to? What do you dream of?

    I would like to work for a library or an institution that works with books and literature in the direction of which I would like to design the public spaces in terms of the guidance system. So, I would like to express my literal passion.

  4. dreiform is...

    a wild anthill where each would give the last shirt for the other and where there is a totally social togetherness. One could maybe compare it also with a bee colony. Hard-working bees and strong ants, a very lively and creative bunch.