Zum Hauptinhalt der Seite

Filled up with inspiration

Finally get out and recharge your batteries with inspiration! Innovation needs inspiration. And people in exchange and on the road, e.g. at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein or at Orgatech in Cologne.

A guest at Vitra

The clarity and quality, as well as the consistency of the design across all disciplines inspired the dreiform team during the excursion to the Vitra Campus. Many thanks for the inspiring days and the hospitality.

Looking for a vitamin injection in terms of inspiration?

Welkom in Eindhoven! The Dutch Design Week fascinates every year with fresh ideas beyond the mainstream. A day full of creative results especially in the field of alternative & recycled materials has flashed us. Thanks to Petra Linn for the great tour to the hotspots of the Design Week.

Inspiration tour at Orgatec

The topic of hybrid working was the focus of our visit to Orgatech, the world's leading trade fair for everything to do with the modern working world. Together with customers, we took a close look at the trends and concrete solutions for ongoing projects.

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