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Sabine Marinescu und Janina Poesch

knowledge. values. imparting.
How content is conveyed through spatial staging.

Sabine Marinescu und Janina Poesch

Classically, schools and universities are places, mostly entire buildings, where knowledge is communicated. Howver, what happens in spatial productions such as in the museum or at brand identity with the valuable asset!? Besides knowledge and values, the space and exhibits should also tell a story.

Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch (PLOT) track down the tools necessary for communicating knowledge – from analogue to digital – and show where it succeeds, and where it doesn’t.

  1. More about Sabine Marinescu und Janina Poesch

    Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch are the two founders and publishers of PLOT – the „international and only true platform for creative spaces“, which deals with exhibition design, film and stage architecture, brand worlds and new worlds.

    The graduate architects and trained journalists are primarily devoted to the written word, give it the appropriate room and tell the stories behind the (spatial) stories.
    In their signature they call themselves conquerors, because they have been trying to take over world domination of creative spaces from their headquarters in Stuttgart ever since 2008 by using the digital space as well as events and their magazine PLOT and other publications.

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