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Sebastian Oschatz

Challenges in the design of digital spaces.

Sebastian Oschatz

There are many tools for designing things on rectangular two-dimensional space. These things can be animated or even interactive. There are even many tools for the design of three-dimensional things, but then rarely animated or interactive. That is why we are surrounded by screens that occasionally show well crafted content everywhere, and (rarely) also stuck in beautifully landscaped enclosures.

But between the screen and the surrounding world is a creative void that is often taken for technically given. To close this "between" (greek meso) and three-dimensional objects and spaces kinetic, animated or interactive design is one of the main characteristics of the work of MESO Digital Interiors.
Often the design of appropriate digital tools, processes and creative work situations in a highly complex technical environment is the real challenge, which is fundamental to the design of the actual content.

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