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Impulse lecture work of the future

The world of work and with it the workplaces and the demands on employees are changing rapidly and the speed will increase even more. Many factors have an influence on this, such as digitalisation and the development towards Industry 4.0 and Working World 4.0. But what will jobs look like in the future in concrete terms? And what do employees need to learn in order to meet these expanded requirements?

In the future, the focus will be on the question: What do people need to be able to do and what skills do they need to have in order to be interesting for employers in the future?
Hubert Wehren
(Agentur für Arbeit Aachen-Düren)

lecture: work of the future (Recording)

These and other questions about what future qualification offers must look like, in order to best prepare the skilled workers of the future for working life, were on the agenda of the digital training provider conference in the Rhineland. The aim of the conference organised by the Aachen-Düren Employment Agency was, to take a look at the work of the future in order to discuss the possibilities of current technical developments together with training providers, research and other stakeholders.

In order to explore these questions, speakers were also invited for the first time. Among other things, the dreiform contribution is about visualising the "work of the future" and which concrete ideas we derive for the development of skilled workers in the Rhenish mining area.Our thesis: No company has skills, only the people themselves have them.By developing digital tools, we want to help make the specific skills and potentials of individuals and organisations more visible and thus promote hidden competences.

Work of the future means change and requires learning. Lifelong!
Ralf Nähring

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