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Magic Rabbit Twin @ Ecsite

Magic Rabbit Show at the Ecsite

Ecsite, the network meeting and conference for science centres, has made it its goal to get people excited about science. And we were actively involved three times!

At this year's meeting of the international community from 2 - 4 June 2022, we aroused the curiosity of the visitors with a magical introduction.


The virtual dreiform Magic Rabbit Show

A rabbit was the main character in our magical show, which could be watched throughout the entire Ecsite. The 3D-printed, touchable exhibit acted with its digital twin as a tangible example of the Internet of Things - and guided us interactively and playfully through the depth of our topics.

All good things come in threes: dreiform at the Ecsite!

At our interactive presentation, the Magic Rabbit Show, in the central Business Bistro, we pulled some of our competences out of the hat. Anyone who wanted to was welcome to join in!

Behind the scenes
In the workshop of the experimenta, we gave an insight into the development of a new exhibition for the host Heilbronn Science Center at a "Behind the Scenes" event on 2 June from 2:30 pm.

As a duo, experimenta and we were once again on stage together on 4 June at the Grand Bazaar as part of the Ecsite programme - and presented the first ideas from the prototype workshop to a larger audience.

  1. And what does the team say?

    "As we attended Ecsite for the first time, we did not know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised by how exciting the conference was: not only the community, but also the exhibition programme as well as the exhibition grounds were exciting, open-minded and creative. Our understanding of science centres has broadened and we were able to meet a great network." Laura Solmaz | Exhibition Design

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