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Ali Jelveh

Data sovereignty -
Why is it important?

Ali Jelveh

Data – we all produce them and use them to earn a lot of money. But how do we deal with our data? What about digital independence today – and why is it important for individuals and companies?
One thing is clear: with the failure of the Safe Harbour Agreement, companies must soon be looking for an alternative and a „safe harbour“ for their data. Even in the booming smart home market things will be all about retaking data ownership and regaining independence.

With the idea of „the simplest server in the world“, the Hamburg start-up Protonet 2014 has raised more than one million euros through crowdfunding in just three and a half hours. Protonet pursues the vision of a decentralized network.

  1. More about Ali Jelveh

    Born in Iran in 1980 – and having fled from Iran with his family – Ali Jelveh landed in Hamburg in 1987. These experiences are still driving his actions and thinking today and motivated him to found his company. Jelveh gained his first experience with computers on the 8086 of his parents and began his career as a developer after studying physics.

    During his time as a software architect for the Hamburg start-up XING, still young in 2007, Ali Jelveh met Christopher Blum and together with him developed the first visions of Protonet. In their spare time, the two of them began to make their vision of a decentralized network become reality. In 2015 Ali Jelveh launched the non-profit campaign „Free Your Data“ with the goal of giving control over personal data back to the public and of fighting for a new EU-wide law.

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