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Klaus Burmeister

What can we know?

Klaus Burmeister

In his panel, Klaus Burmeister addresses the issues and hardships of a futurologist: „The conception of ourselves as a thinking and rational species at the centre of the world is teetering. Only hesitantly do we accept the notion that we are interacting in a complex network alongside and with computers. If it’s no longer our knowledge that makes us different, what then?“

Klaus Burmeister is founder of Z_punkt – The Foresight Company, one of the leading companies for strategic foresight consulting and corporate foresight. He launched the foresightlab in 2014 and has been dealing intensively with the challenges facing the economy and society for three decades.

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    The process of digital transformation, social upheavals and society’s active participation are the main themes of Klaus Burmeister’s work. His credo: There is no master plan for what is new. Answers require networked thinking, an understanding of systemic relationships, new forms of learning and cooperation and visions for a sustainable future that is worth living in.

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