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Philippe Jeanrenaud

Smart Glasses –
The ultimate visiting device?

Philippe Jeanrenaud

With the availability of smart glasses (e.g. Google Glass) many potential areas of applications have been discussed. One area of particular interest to Vidinoti is for visits of museums or showrooms.

Based on a preliminary deployment in an industrial showroom and on feedback of museums directors, Philippe Jeanrenaud (Vidinoti) will introduce how this new category of devices may reshape the way we think about visits.

  1. More about Philippe Jeanrenaud

    Philippe Jeanrenaud has over 20 years of experience in the development and deployment of solutions for the mobile environment, with an emphasis on human-machine interfaces. He currently leads business development at Vidinoti, a provider of an Augmented Reality platform for magazines and museums.

    Prior to joining Vidinoti Philippe worked at Nuance Communications, Orange, Wildfire and BBN in the US, where he was involved in large-scale deployments of speech-enabled voicemail platforms for major US and European wireless carriers and later on, led the launch in Europe of speech-to-text applications on smartphones. Philippe has a Diploma from the EPFL (Switzerland), a MS from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Management degree from the MIT Sloan School.

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