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Complex processes – brought to life virtually.

The AR app for Remondis

Phosphorus recycling: a highly complex process that is not self-explanatory. How do you make it tangible – for people unfamiliar with the field, customers, investors? Even and especially when meetings and events in the flesh may only be possible to a limited extend? The augmented reality app for Remondis translates the recycling process into a virtual experience. Playful, easy to understand and usable everywhere.

The Implementation

For the three-dimensional experience, we use the floor plan of a Remondis building as the starting point for the augmented reality application. Via the Remondis app, the entire process is revealed to users in 3D, and they experience it step by step.

Approach: playful. Benefits: factual!

Even if the presentation and the experience seem playful, the app provides not only a fun aesthetic illustration – but also quite factual and tangible communication for different target groups. Users can access detailed background information on each process step via text, images and videos; the app becomes a valuable tool for dialogue on a complex topic that can be used everywhere.

Understanding the process – through step-by-step experience.

Users can go deeper into the information step by step – from an animated introduction to individual topics to one-pagers with in-depth content that explain the individual process steps in detail.

Animated main characters

Detailed scenes and three-dimensional micro-animations: The entire process comes to life through the interplay of its individual protagonists. Along sewage sludge, screw conveyors and assembly lines, the entire recycling process is explained – turning the abstract topic into an experience that builds on itself logically, helping users to understand. Down to the last detail.

Wanna try?

Either visit dreiform and experience AR live or install the AR app immediately. It is available for free in the app stores for iOS and Android.

Project details


Vulkan-Verlag GmbH


Dialogue tool for investors and customers



  • Digital explanation and communication tool
  • In focus: The different process steps of phosphorus recycling
  • More than 60 3D objects
  • Over 15 micro-animations
  • 12 hotspots and one-pagers

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