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NewWoW - Work-Pla(y)ce Development


From workshop to new work pilot

New WoW – this abbreviation stands for a "new way of working" at Siemens Energy in Berlin and deals with the fundamental question: How do we want to work together in the future?

The focus is on the WE and thus on a working environment that is aligned to the individual needs of the teams and puts the focus on the employees.

  1. Neues Arbeiten bei Siemens Energy in Berlin

    New Work beschreibt einen Umbruch, der die Arbeitswelt von Grund auf neu definiert und dabei die Sinnfrage behandelt. New Work versteht sich dabei nicht als Veränderungsmaßnahme oder Prozess, sondern charakterisiert sich als eine Form der Haltung, Kultur und Führung.
    Im Fokus liegt die Schaffung einer Vertrauensbasis und eine moderne Führung auf Augenhöhe. Dabei stehen die Mitarbeiter als höchstes Gut des Unternehmens stets im Zentrum des Handelns und Denkens.

New WoW Kick-Off

The planning starts with a user workshop comprising participants from different company departments. A representative cross-section of the employees is actively involved in the early stages of project development. The workshop topics range from communication, processes and work flows to technical equipment and the necessary space and rooms.

The basic questions at the beginning of the project are: What positively shapes our work culture? What shapes it negatively? What do we lack in the company? What are the weak points? What can we build on? What opportunities are offered by the redesign of our working environment? What can new work at Siemens Energy change for the better? What must not happen in any circumstance?

Let's play!

The teams approach the working environments of the future in a playful way and give their creativity free rein. Following the guiding question "what does the perfect working day at Siemens Energy in Berlin look like?", initial ideas are developed that depict individual wishes and spatial requirements in a three-dimensional way.

From work-play to workplace.
New Work is not to be understood as a change measure or process, but is characterized as a form of attitude, culture and leadership.
Nils Meyer
(Siemens Energy, Head of Strategical Infrastructure Project Management & Digitalization)

Von Grundlagen zum Handbuch.

The results of the workshops will be translated into concrete recommendations for action, and the milestones on the way to the first pilot project will be defined jointly.

In the ideation phase, dreiform develops the necessary room typologies and parameters for the new working environments with the aim of bundling them in a workplace manual as a basis for area planning of future locations.

In virtual interviews with the responsible persons, the range and options of the room profiles are presented to all departments and aligned according to their relevance and necessity for the respective teams. The resulting individual room designs reflect the team DNA of the future users in the area plans.

Pilot A71

The first implementation of the New WoW concept will take place in Building A71 on the future Siemens Energy Campus at Huttenstrasse in Berlin. Here, the first pilot for new work is being created on five floors.

On the ground floor, the Siemens Energy Future Experience Lab (FExLAB) will offer employees and customers the opportunity to experience Siemens Energy's portfolio in an interactive showroom and to develop new solutions together in the Think Cube.

This could be interesting.

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