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Working environments

Many companies are looking for the perfect combination, a balanced solution that gives equal weight both to complex workplace requirements and to the individual needs of their employees.

As a strategic partner, we support you from the analysis of the current situation through inspiration and idea generation, overall conception and planning of internal communication to the implementation and use of new working environments.

Workplace becomes WE place.

The workplace of the future should be one thing above all: attractive and appealing to teams and talents. Especially in times of social distancing and increasing collaboration via digital channels, this physical space is becoming more important.

As a social and informal meeting place that builds identity, it brings people together, offers orientation and creates cohesion. And last but not least, it provides opportunities for coincidence – and because new things can emerge from unplanned encounters, for innovation.

It's not about being hip, it's about fostering the best collaboration - in real and digital space, with productive tools and a shared culture.
Clemens von Gizycki


b.WoW stands for the “balanced way of working” – the interplay of physical and digital space, virtual collaboration and real interpersonal encounters.

This balance cannot be designed and established universally, because it is shaped differently in every company and every organisation. We support you in finding the right combination and put the most important thing at the centre of all considerations: the teams. Their specific ways of working are the basis for designing new solutions.

Neues Arbeiten entsteht aus Ideen für die Zukunft. Wir entwickeln sie gemeinsam.
Ralf Nähring


  1. Space is the mission.

    We have incorporated the experience gained from numerous projects in the context of new work with clients from a wide range of industries into a clearly defined project process, which places user requirements at the centre of the design of spaces and tools for communication and collaboration.

  2. Employee centricity.

    Our concepts for working environments are geared towards the well-being of the employees. We involve the future users right from conception and over the course of the project, so that they actively participate and identify with the place, the processes and the upcoming changes.

  3. Transparent communication.

    During the ongoing planning and implementation, in which the target image becomes a reality, we recommend an accompanying change communication to keep the parties involved informed – so that the grapevine carries the right messages. Participation and transparent communication are key to the anticipation of new work. The result: productive spaces for committed teams and a real "we" feeling.

Ganzheitlich gedacht.

  1. Workspace Emotio & Ratio

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused a veritable home office boom. Remote working is already established as a real option in many areas – with some benefits, but also some downsides. Digital tools and communication channels have redefined the framework and settings for teamwork.

    As a result, new challenges arise when it comes to a future-proof working environment. Employers are asking, "How much office space do we still need, and how do we use it – now and after the pandemic?"

    Is it sufficient to calculate soberly using a workspace sharing ratio? Or should you also take the emotional, social side of development into account? The one-dimensionality of virtual communication, the loss of chance encounters, the longing for personal rather than digital interaction? The need for real places for the WE feeling.

    We take a holistic view of working environments, and together with your team, we develop what many workplaces lack: new spaces for togetherness. WE spaces.


The success of new formats and working environments decisively depends on their acceptance and usability. We therefore hold interviews and workshops at the beginning of the project to involve the future users and to understand their specific working culture. The result: the team’s own DNA as a jointly defined target image for the workplace of tomorrow.



Together with your employees, we determine your teams' current working methods and develop perspectives and concrete solutions for your working environment of tomorrow.

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