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Room for new leadership

Next Campus – DRV Bund

How are leadership roles changing? What tasks will we take on as managers in the future? And what competencies will we need for them?

The leadership of teams and employees is a strategic future issue that must be communicated and understood. This is possible in the Next Campus – the collaboration and meeting place for trainings, coaching and further education that are part of the DRV Bund's executive development in Berlin.

In the Next Campus, the transformation of management culture becomes visible and tangible – through new spaces as drivers of change.
Kathrin Klette
(DRV Bund, Project manager)

Concept for culture and space

In the former directorate rooms, open, inviting and adaptable areas are created for the academy, providing the appropriate environment for the new understanding of management culture at DRV Bund. This novel place for team connection provides an activating setting for different communication and learning formats. Fresh visual relationships, open spaces and a very flexible furnishing concept make it clear – this is a place of learning and dialogue for a new management culture.

Open, agile and flexible

Whether it's a design thinking workshop, group training or peer counseling, the academy offerings – developed in a collaborative process – place a variety of demands on space and use. The defined user requirements are the basis of the concept for the room and equipment. Using differentiated room profiles formulated in advance – content, process, setting, number of participants – modular room types such as the Idea Studio and Team Space were created.

It is an important inspiration that spaces where executives are prepared for the future are changing.
Lina Geitner
(dreiform, Project Manager)

Projects facts


Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRV)


Berlin Wilmersdorf



  • 450 m2 total area
  • 4 workshop rooms
  • Expandable event area for small events up to 80 participants

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