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Mosaic meets Mindsphere.

Siemens Foyer Rohrdamm, Berlin

A place steeped in history – highly innovative themes: the mosaic hall in the Siemens headquarters in Berlin has always combined both. This now becomes apparent in the foyer of the building.

The newly designed waiting area is enriched by a graphic-media presentation layer that stuns visitors from the first impression . The visual representation of Siemens MindSphere – the company's own IoT open operating system – is used visually and digitally to connect different topics in the waiting area.

The Location

The Siemens administrative building on Rohrdamm is a historic building with a bright future. The hall of honour, also known as the mosaic hall because of its large floor mosaic, has always been an important representative location for the company.

Historical Administration building Rohrdamm in Berlin
Administration building Rohrdamm, Berlin Siemensstadt / Photo: dreiform


MindSphere is the cloud-based IoT open operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of your data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics.

Siemens Mindsphere graphic: Rectangles connected by lines
Mindsphere Keyvisual / Graphic: Siemens

Idea: MindSphere as a visual overlay

The MindSphere surrounds the room and unifies the media presentation. As a symbol of SIEMENS' technological leadership and digital networking, it ensures recognition from the very first time you enter the building.

Connecting the dots.

Dot by dot to see the all-round experience of innovations and the company.

Waiting becomes an entertaining discovery of current news, stories by SIEMENS in Berlin and interactively retrievable films about the company’s future topics. The "dots" on the glass wall invite you to call up various topics interactively.

A special highlight: the buttons were specially designed for the project in the dreiform D.LAB – they allow selected content modules to be activated wirelessly. The content shown is generated automatically by way of intelligent programming from the group’s current press releases.

Project details


Siemens SRE, Berlin


Nonnendammallee 101, Berlin-Siemensstadt



  • 40m² waiting area in an historical building
  • 5 wireless interactive buttons
  • 1200 connecting Mindsphere Dots
  • Automated content feed for current topics
  • Photographer: Constantin Meyer

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