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Celebrating the corporate DNA of Avery Dennison.

Avery Dennison Customer Experience Center, Leiden

In the heart of Avery Dennison’s headquarters is the Customer Experience Center, which invites its guests on an interactive exploration of the company with versatile furniture as well as media and tactile elements.

The focus is on the Avery Dennison ‘label’ as a spatial, tactile and graphic design element that encourages intuitive understanding of the exhibition.


The dreiform concept is based on open architecture with flexible furniture, interactive, media and haptic elements as well as intelligent dramaturgy. Typically three-form: The company's material (foils) was used to design the furniture, thus creating a further level for the product experience.

Core Capabilities:

The counter takes you to the heart of the company. Technological capabilities linked with representative product samples from the production facility deliver a rounded picture of how Avery stands out from the competition

Activation Zone

Here it is possible to understand the company’s latest innovations using actual demo items (such as highly transparent films, PET recycling exhibits, etc.).

Sample hanger counter

Each one of the 30 product samples can be removed from its hook and docked on the writable whiteboard – a haptic and graphic tool for brainstorming sessions.

Project details


Avery Dennison


Leiden (Netherlands)



  • Photographer: Constantin Meyer


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