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Visitor walks in front of product wall

Please touch!
14 meters of interactive innovations.

3M World of Innovation, Vienna

Forming the focal point of the “3M World of Innovation” is the fusion of media and haptic product experiences.

Visitors of the exhibition will experience how real and digital worlds merge through the use of interactive technologies and how 3M Infotainment and Inspiration combine to create new innovation impulses.

14 Meter Innovation

Kernidee für die 3M WOI in Wien: Gestaltung einer Schnittstelle zwischen realen Ankerprodukten und intuitiver Navigation in das digitale Produktuniversum.

Eine 14 Meter lange, durchgehende Projektionsfläche schafft die nahtlose Verbindung von medialer und haptischer Produkterfahrung. Frei plazierte Produkte laden zum Anfassen ein.


Optical visitor tracking allows interfaces to be activated for passers…Without any shadowing, visitors can touch products and access informations by using the projected interfaces. The tangible product experience is complemented by the interface to the comprehensive product database of the multi-technology company.

Access permitted

The entire technology company on one screen? This too becomes possible – at 46 T-Terminal with in-depth information on technologies and product realms.
A logo as eye-catcher ensures brand presence, even in (press) photos…

Project details






  • Apps, Microsites and Configurators
  • Communicating Innovation
  • Exhibition Design
  • Experience.OS
  • Interactive Modules & Spaces
  • Interior Design
  • Media Planning
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Realisation


  • Red Dot Award
  • „Bronze“ in the category Best Interactive Installation at Famab Award Furthermore
  • IF Award, the Digital Signage Best Practice Award for „information signage“
  • Initative Mittelstand Best-OF certificate for the category „Apps“

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