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Entry to a new era

Siemens Energy Foyer Building 3, HQ Berlin

The newly redesigned entrance area of Building 3 provides Siemens Energy's guests and employees with an interactive introduction to the "Home of Innovation." This historic industrial site on Berlin's Huttenstrasse now serves as the company's headquarters. Here, the past and future blend into an inspiring experience.

Roots, present and future

The Huttenstrasse site in Berlin stands for industrial history and architecture in the middle of Berlin. Starting with an architectural model of the iconic turbine hall by architect Peter Behrens, the history and transformation of the company and the location can be experienced.

From the origins of the turbine plant to to the reorganisation and founding of Siemens Energy, guests and employees can learn about the history and future of the plant site - enhanced by digital thematic modules and augmented infographics.

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Innovations for today and tomorrow

Who are the "product heroes" in the portfolio? Which innovations lead to a future with alternative energy sources?

Selected physical product models reveal the individual parameters and advantages of different turbines. Interactive buttons trigger the appropriate characteristic values via an LED infographic and a virtual functional model on the touchscreen.

Together we have created a place that shows our complete transformation from a simple entrance area.
Markus Zapke
(Siemens Energy, Teamlead manufacturing technology)

Interview with Markus Zapke | Siemens Energy

Projects facts


Siemens Energy


Siemens Energy AG Gasturbinenwerk, Huttenstraße Berlin



  • 1 architectural model
  • 2 staged walls
  • 3 interactive light scenarios
  • 5 interactive products and sensors
  • 20m interactive infographics as LED
  • Photographer: Stefan Schilling

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