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Easy to find: A grid for charging

Two websites for TankE

How quickly e-mobility will become established depends on the expansion of the charging infrastructure. RheinEnergie and the leading multi-technology service provider SPIE joined forces to form TankE with the aim of offering solutions throughout Germany. dreiform designed and implemented the corresponding platforms on the Internet – and created an appealing and functional customer approach to e-mobility.

Three target groups – three colour schemes

TankE's offering is aimed at very different target groups – reflected in the design by a clear, colour-coded distinction: a fresh green for municipal utilities and local authorities; a characteristic blue for business customers who want to equip their region or company site with charging stations; and the bright red of the TankE CI for e-mobilists on the TankE website.

The design: approachable and serious-minded.

The design of the websites presents TankE as a reliable and at the same time approachable partner for e-mobility: playful micro animations are repeatedly integrated into the clear, functional design. From charging to moving off. A kid's walk... How do I get the power? It's as simple as that... The TankE logo also underwent a slight update in the course of the website designs – colour schemes were defined and a custom icon style created.



TankeE GmbH


also in your area
and of course on the Internet


  • Apps, Microsites and Konfiguratoren
  • Ideation
  • Project Coordination
  • Spatial graphic


  • three target groups
  • two homepages
  • one client

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