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Material digitalised

Covestro Virtual Sample Library

Discover material virtually.

For Covestro’s digital trade fair presence at the Fakuma 2020, dreiform has transferred the company's haptic material library into the virtual world.

The Virtual Sample Library offers a wide range of innovative product samples as well as virtual 3D colour and material worlds and thus combines emotion and inspiration with a rational, fact-based enrichment, bringing visual presentation to a new level. The intuitively usable microsite is embedded into the plastics specialist's overall digital customer journey.

Tolle Zusammenarbeit. Super verlässlich und im Ergebnis überragend.
Hans Eberhard Stein
Best just give it a try...





Fakuma Messe 2020



  • microsite
  • 110 products
  • Connection to Covestro sources
  • Mobile-optimized
  • fast loading
  • WebGL real-time 3D rendering
  • 500 visitors on 3 days

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