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Styrolution Granule Shower

Tthe “granule shower” – a kinetic installation that translates the raw material of the company into messages:

Using actual, cascading granules, large and simple visual elements are shown and combine in the media background to form key messages. The plastic granules thus become a raw material for the communication of information


Since it was not possible to resort to existing technology, the implementation of Granule Shower proved to be a truly new development.

„Not feasible“ was the general mantra of all the main water show specialists. No job too challenging! After receiving the first rejections from potential implementation partners, the exhibit was gradually developed independently.

Flow of the granules

A tank with granules in the upper section, a catch basin in the lower section, and a concealed, integrated conveyor screw ensure permanent circulation of 3 x 900 kg of Styrolution granules.

The controlled choreography is based on VVVV programming in the background.

Permanent flow control

An integrated camera systems ensure the targeted release of a specified amount of granules.

Individual characters are created through the targeted release of a specified amount of granules by forty special computer-controlled valves.

The static anchor

The installation integrates the only necessary pillar and becomes the anchor point within the polygonal stand architecture. The structural cover sets the first impulse of the backlit textile membrane and also contains the necessary insulation to minimise valve acoustics

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