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Image generator used on laptop, next to it are print media in particle look

Drag, Drop & Flow.
Corporate Design at your fingertips!

Victrex Image Generator

Development of a software as logical extension of the corporate design that dreiform has put into effect for this international polymer manufacturer.

Particle Flow

The Victrex image generator is a cloud-based software that makes it possible to adapt the key visual of the company for different media and formats. Accessible through a browser, the software is equally available for use by marketing teams from the United States,

Simple and versatile

Existing images can be dragged and dropped into the image generator, where they are then converted into the particle look. It is currently possible to adapt typographic elements in four different languages.

Browser with open image generator: selection of page format and language
Possible font types: roman, chinese, japanese, korean

Project details


USA, England, Germany, Korea, Japan




Download: Setcard

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