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Cleanliness diploma for hygiene experts

Interactive educational games for primary school children

Various interactive educational games ideally complement learning content and experiments from physics and social sciences lessons. In this way, not only are the topics energy, water and hygiene deepened in an age-appropriate manner, but also the handling of digital media is practiced. Each module contains interactive, self-explanatory tasks and is completed with a diploma in electricity, water or hygiene.

Interactive helpers

Whether an H2O ninja, a water-droplet knight or a curious battery electrical engineer...

The interactive helpers accompany you through all the learning modules and provide assistance when things get tricky. A question was answered incorrectly? No problem. The little heroes motivate and lead you on the right track. If the answer is correct, the children receive great praise and at the end a cleanliness, water or energy diploma to print out.

Learning by playing

Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the children can independently discover the individual topic modules. In addition to various age-appropriate learning modules, in which instant feedback helps immediately in case of wrong or correct answers, the children can also test themselves. At the end of the test they get a personalised certificate or, depending on the result, the advice to repeat certain exercises.

Soap, water, go!

How do I wash my hands properly? And when?

Especially in the era of COVID-19, the topic of hygiene has increasingly become the focus of everyday life. In a special "Handwashing and hygiene" learning module, the purpose of soap is taught and the difference between viruses and bacteria is explained.

Especially exciting is the black light test that reveals even the most stubborn dirt under fingernails. This learning module is combined with a hands-on experimental setup, which is carried out by teachers in class together with the children.


  1. „E-Learning“

    The new home-schooling everyday life poses fresh challenges for teachers, parents and of course children. Due to COVID-19, the majority of teaching now takes place at home, which raises a need for digital education offerings. Children are able to quickly learn to use the new digital tools, as they are growing up in a digitally orientated society and have become familiar with the relevant technologies at an early age.

    Prerequisite for the success of e-learning are didactically prepared exercises, the performance of which includes experiences of success and failure.

Project details


Vulkan Verlag

Target group

Elementary school students


Vulkan-Verlag / Educational Media



  • 8 topic modules
  • 7 different game principles
  • produced in HTML5 for pc, tablet, smart board
  • optimized for IE11
  • online and offline
  • scalable
  • for children from 6 years (topic module ,,water'')
  • for children from 8 years (topic module ,,electricity'')

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