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Augmented Logistics

STIHL Logistics AR-APP

How to condense a journey through the world of STIHL logistics into the least space possible? By using augmented reality to make visible the way products and customers come together around the world.

All roads converge here!

A three-dimensional site model in the foyer invites visitors to virtually discover the state-of-the-art processes of Plant 7 in Ludwigsburg. The expansive graphic presentation visualises the importance of the location as a hub of global logistics.

Digital logistics world

The augmented reality application on the tablet digitally builds on the physical model with superimposed three-dimensional animations. This gives visitors an initial overview of the site and the logistical interrelationships.

Logistics competence made visible

Detailed scenes and three-dimensional micro-animations invite you to travel along – from receiving the goods down the automated assembly lines to packaging and shipping.

Animated characters

Logical and logistical connections are explained simply using animations of the essential processes. Depending on which AR markers are selected, they appear as a virtual overlay on the tablet.

Making of

Project details


STIHL Logistics


Logistic Center Ludwigsburg



  • Tool as extension to the factory tour
  • Site model with various AR markers
  • Focus: 12 stations in the logistics process
  • More than 500 3D objects in over 30 micro animations

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