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Who says packaging is just a cover?

Mondi World

A packaging strap as a connecting element – dreiform derives the leitmotif of the whole design for the Mondi foyer in Vienna and for the 17th floor in the same building from the loop-shaped, curved logo of the international packaging and paper manufacturer.

The brand DNA is featured, from the interior design and the furniture to the digital media, underlined by the use of materials from the Mondi product portfolio and the vibrant orange of Mondi-CI. A scenography as a holistic brand experience.

Strikingly dynamic

The lobby design of the Vienna location is almost organic, with the foyer clearly visible from the heavily frequented street.

The three dimensional version of the logo and a spiral shape of DNA seem to set the whole space in motion – room elements and design follow a circular or spiral-shaped movement. The DNA-strand gives a clear view of the initial and raw materials from which Mondi products are manufactured.

Recognizable leitmotifs

The circle as a metaphor for the centre (the main central headquarters of the company) and associations with the „loop“ as a symbol for our own range of products can be found in the furniture, graphics and media.

Screen in packaging strap-shaped design with projected globe
The projection screen can be used for own content.

Interactive possibilities

In many places one can find materials from the company’s wide and varied portfolio of products. In order to gain more informations about products and company, product and thematic tokens can be used on interactives Interfaces

At a lofty height

The look of the 17th floor follows on from that of the foyer – the spiral-shaped movement seems to continue here. Even the DNA appears here again, as if it had twisted its way through the entire building…

Going in-depth at a great height

One can get to know the brands, products and people at Mondi in more detail on the 17th floor. Here there are specific information modules for this purpose at which the individual facets of the company can be interactively explored.

A product table, an interactive module on the subject of sustainability and a module on the employees and current job advertisements. „Real“ paper flyers provide a connection between the haptic world and the digital interface.

In all directions

On the terrace, panoramic elements reproduce details of the city’s sights. A destination board indicates other locations of the company.

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